Minkay Mining do investment consultancy on metallic,non metallic and marble mining projects all over the world. We add new values on mining investment and both investor and project owner win under the our consultancy.
Our technical approach bring new opportunities investor and project owner. Our mission is lead up for investing and we are doing this by our professional sustainable vision.
Marketing consultancy for metallic, non metallic and marble mining project investment
Chromite, manganese,gold-siver,lead,zinc,uranium,lithium,ribidium,coal,phosphate,nickel,feldispar,quartz sand ,White marble, cream beige marble,light travertine,red travertine,yellow travertine,moca travertine,crema bello limestone,trabeige marble,Silver marble,light emprador,dark emprador
Business consultancy for mining projects
Our business consultancy start from mining project technical reporting phase and till completing investing . All mining projects which would be invested are evaluated by our professional consultancy. We supply professional service by our qualified technical network and team to investor when they want to make an invest on any mining project all over the world.
Marketing consultancy for industrial minerals
We do marketing consultancy on industrial mineral suppying (silica sand, quartz, calcite, soda ash, fesldispar, bentonite and others)  through exclusive contracts with big producers all over the world. We supply industrial minerals in large quantities at by producers prices.


“Minkay if Mining”